Masspequa JV baseball players get a moment in the Varisty sun; Photo - Newsday

A Massapequa high school baseball team was suspended for visiting a strip club in Florida during their baseball camp. The students got two hours of "unsupervised time," which they used to go to Sassy Merlot's 2. The head and assistant coaches were fired as well, as an anonymous note from a player's parent tipped off the high school, as Coach Bob Dell relayed to Newsday:

We were unaware this kind of behavior was going on. The players that did something wrong should be punished. What's really bizarre is that we were back for eight days before an anonymous letter was turned in and now all hell breaks loose. I am absolutely shocked.

Hmm, you have a bunch of high school boys in Florida, bored, looking for trouble. Gothamist is shocked, too. In the meantime, the game must go on, so JV players are stepping up to Varsity level. Parents of the suspended players are, unsurprisingly, angry. More from WNBC.

Famous Massapequans: Jerry Seinfeld ("Massapequa...that's Indian for 'Land of the Mall'" and the Baldwin brothers.