Downtown resident and rocker Lenny Kravitz is being sued for causing over $300,000 of damage to his neighbor's apartment - after Kravitz's toilet was backed up! One of the toilets in Kravitz's 30 Crosby Street duplex became "blocked, clogged, and congested with various materials." Now, the NY Times and the Daily News do not divulge what was in the toilet, probably because the lawsuit doesn't detail that, which makes Gothamist want the reporters to be a little more hardhitting in their reporting. What if it wasn't good ol' poo - what if Lenny had been flushing his old, much cooler dreadlocks in the toilet? The other funny thing in the NY Times article is that the writer feels compelled to give Kravitz's genealogy and part of his history (his mom is Roxie Roker, he covered "American Woman" for Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me) while the Daily News reminds everyone of Nicole Kidman's connection to the loft. Both papers, however, point out that Courtney Love lives there. Did Courtney bring a curse to 30 Crosby Street?

How Stuff Works on how toilets works and there's actually a device out there to stop toilet overflows. And a hilarious take from the Columbia Spectator on Kravitz's current stage as a musician-celebrity.