An excellent Hasidic outdoor advertising update: Back in January, we noticed that an East Williamsburg poster of an Orthodox Jewish boy had been been updated for the boy to look more Hasidic - and it was splashed with some Hebrew graffiti. It turned out the graffiti was part of the ad, which is trying to encourage the Hasids in the neighborhood to donate cars to Oorah, a children's charity.

Will at Razor Apple took this recent photograph and writes:

We’ve checked again, and it looks like the boy has given up on the old look, and peeled off the digitally altered, more Hasidic looking face like some sort of party trick. According to a local, the new text in Hebrew reads “Happy Purim.” Somebody in Williamsburg is having too much fun in Paint Shop Pro.

Even more hilarity, clearly. And now we're hungry for homentash.

Wikipedia on Purim.

Update: Orthodox Jewish blog Voz Iz Neias had the scoop two weeks ago, noting that Oorah has apparently been saying "freilichen Purim" "behind their backs for the last few months already."

Photograph by Razor Apple