Rogue Rockefeller Impostor, Christopher Rocancourt; Photo - CourtTVChristopher Rocancourt, the dashing Frenchman who convinced people he was a Rockefeller and swindled them out of money, is back in the NY area, facing charges. Times reporter Andy Newman's article is full of great description, like how Rocancourt "wore a look of wary, weary sulkiness" when he was read his rights. Court TV has extensive coverage of Rocancourt's dalliances.

In Midtown East, Irish bar owner Conrad Gallagher was arrested outside his pub, Traffic, at First Avenue and 50th Street. According to the Times, he was an enfant terrible, a talented but thieving and deeply in debt chef. Clearly colorful, this is what happened yesterday in court:

Before he was led away, Mr. Gallagher asked to address the court. "Just regarding the jumping the bail, I didn't really jump," he said. [Legal Aid lawyer Douglas] Morris stuck a notepad in front of his client's face and led him away from the bench. He returned a moment later.

"I think my client wants to exercise his right to remain silent," he said.

Gothamist is sure the Rocancourt case inspired the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode, "The Extra Man" from season one.