2007_02_eugene2.jpg- The confusing question of elected-to-the-City-Council- but-not-sworn-in Mathieu Eugene's residency persists. Over a week ago, he told Brian Lehrer he hadn't moved into the 40th District, but now his people say he's been living since February 1. The Politicker spoke to a campaign consultant for Eugene who claims he's seen "a lease whose term began February 1 for 40-46 Argyle Road. I've seen a check written to the landlord dated February 1." Oh, like no one has ever backdated a check! Room Eight notes that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, backed by the 1199 union, is looking at the matter - and Eugene happens to be backed by the 1199, too.

- New York magazine's cover story about how Rudy Giuliani plays in the rest of the America includes a moment when Giuliani tells a crowd he was in London during the subway bombings. Draw your own conclusions.

- Last week, the Village Voice's cover story questioned Senator Schumer's World Trade Center health stance (basically, it implies he's done nothing, claiming his daughter, then a Stuy student, didn't want him involved). The other day, Senator Hillary Clinton, who has seized WTC-related health issues as part of her Senate platform, emphasized that she and Schumer worked very closely on post-September 11 issues. Our hypothesis: She wants Schumer to help her, not Barack, on the way to the White House.

- The State Legislature claims there's almost $1 billion more in the budget than Governor Spitzer says there is. Of course, some of these pols were the same ones who had a fight over seating in the State Senate.