Remember the guy who cops picked up last March when they spotted a dagger popping out of his bag? The guy also had a loaded pistol, three more daggers, a stun gun, and a total of 305 additional rounds of ammo on his person? He made headlines earlier this month when the judge on his case called him "an ethereal figure" before refusing to drop his $4 million bail. Why was he ethereal? Because the cops couldn't confirm anything about him, not even the name and age he provided them (James Edward O'Donnell, 39) before he clammed up. That he refused to submit his DNA for testing only made him more mysterious. Sort of. Turns out his real name is, wait for it, James O’Donnell Jr. and he is 39.

The Post caught up with the man's mother in Florida and, though she hadn't seen her boy in fifteen years, she positively ID'd him and sketched out his life story for them: Originally from Boston, O'Donnell moved to Florida with his family when he was six. After high school he followed a girl to Germany and when that didn't work stuck around Europe for seven years (which might help explain the odd accent he used in court) before moving back. After six months of living with his parents he got into a fight with them and stormed off, never to be heard from again. That was fifteen years ago.

So at least the mystery of who he is has been solved. If we ever find out what he was planning to do with those guns and knives, we'll let you know (maybe the "anti-Bloomberg paraphernalia" he reportedly had on him is a hint?).