Incorrigible State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. owes some $61,000 in fines to the city Campaign Finance Board for his failure to file legally-required disclosure documents when he ran for Bronx Borough President in 2001. Espada previously promised to pay his debt to society (part of it, anyway) on Monday. Today is now Wednesday, and they did not receive the money. When the Daily News dared pester him about it, Espada—presumably speaking through a cloud of cigar smoke while trimming his nose hair—had this to say: "They'll get their money." Espada also owes the state Board of Elections $10,309 in fines for failing to file routine financial disclosure reports. And there's 23 more disclosure reports the state board still wants from the WestchesterBronx representative. Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group calls Espada's behavior "mind-boggling... He should be operating at the highest standards." While we're at it, dogs should stop chasing squirrels, the subway should connect directly to LaGuardia, and donut ice cream sandwiches should be delivered to our offices at once.