Where to begin? A State Senator who threw Albany into gridlock for over a month last year, allegedly looted $14 million from his healthcare non-profit, threatened a 70-something blogger, and supposedly stiffed the tailor who makes his $1,200 suits is now telling youths to raise their image by raising their pants. State Senator Pedro Espada has joined fellow Senator Eric Adam's Stop the Sag campaign, according to the Daily Politics.

In a statement, Espada said, "We are accustomed to hearing the mantra, 'School's Open, Drive Safely.' We are expanding the mantra to, 'School's Open, Drive Safely... And Pull Your Pants Up.' Have some pride and dignity in your appearance." The Daily Politics says, "Espada, Adams and state Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson will hold a news conference tomorrow to 'unveil a mobile billboard -- a truck that will drive around Bronx neighborhoods with the message "Stop the Sag - Raise Your Pants, Raise Your Image."'"