State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. is sending shivers down the spine of New Yorkers today, with his solution to break the State Senate tie. Espada told the Post, "I can have two votes. We're going to maintain that, as the president pro tempore of the Senate, I am also the acting lieutenant governor, and the lieutenant governor can vote when there's a tie." Hey, is he suggesting that because he was elected to represent the Bronx, but really (allegedly) spends his time living in Westchester?! Democrat-appointed policy adviser and Counsel to the New York State Senate Michael Kink, though, Twittered, "Justice McNamara's decision explicitly says he's not deciding who is the NY Senate Temporary President -- it's up to the Senate to negotiate." At any rate, why we have a 62-member Senate was explored by Newsday's Dan Janison: Maybe-majority leader Dean "Skelos [R-Long Island] in 2002 discovered that a 62-seat redistricting scheme would work best for his party," and managed to create a district in Brooklyn that got Republican Martin Golden elected.