Another day, another story about Senate Majority Pedro Espada's questionable dealings! Today, the Post reports that Espada has "turned his Bronx nonprofit health center into his own 'cash for clunkers' program when it bought an old, gas-guzzling junker from his eldest son." The charity that runs the Soundview Health Clinics "picked up a 2001 Ford Expedition" with over 175K miles on it from Pedro G. Espada last year (you may remember Pedro G. Espada from this). While spokesman Alexander Fear said it was a good deal, it's unclear why the car was needed—apparently the group "has bought a series of upscale gas-guzzlers, including a Cadillac Deville, a GMC Envoy SUV and luxury Chrysler 300C -- periodically replacing them with newer vehicles." Espada, his son, his daughter-in-law and an employee "convicted of committing fraud for one of his campaigns" all have use of the CCDC's cars. The Post also has an editorial titled "BOSS PEDRO"—"Watch out, Boss Tweed -- here comes Pedro Espada. And from the looks of it, the Bronx up-and-comer just can't wait to claim title to the top spot as New York's most corrupt politician ever."