Oh Pedro, if you're not throwing money at protesters, or (allegedly) stiffing your tailor of thousands of dollars, than you're probably complaining about being bullied (while bullying others). We wish we were bringing you good news...but remember that whole mess you got into with the Priest during your highly publicized fruit and vegetable giveaways? Well, it looks like you forgot to report spending any campaign funds on them, and like everything you do, it's made some people very mad.

By law, a candidate must declare the costs of any events paid for by the campaign; even if someone donated the food, the candidate would have to count the value of it as a donation and report it, which Espada didn't do. "He has violated election law by failing to report the expenses associated with it [the giveaways]," said Dick Dadey, executive director of the Citizens Union, tells the Post. Espada's spokesman, Frank LaBoy, said they plan to add the costs associated with the giveaways on their next report.

Espada's pity-party partner and BFF, Sen. Ruben Diaz is facing a tough Sept. 14 Democratic primary against upstart community organizer Carlos (Charlie) Ramos, and seems to be going a little car crazy in the process. Diaz has spent thousands of dollars in campaign money to pimp out a fleet of seven vans and trucks that prowl the streets of his district blaring music and his "Vote For Diaz" message. Campaign filings show Diaz has spent more than $7,500 on automobile insurance payments, nearly $4,000 for registrations and inspections, more than $5,340 on repairs and parts this year, plus hundreds more for gas and tolls. But Diaz loves his fleet of messenger vehicles, although perhaps a bit too much: "They are beautiful," he told the News. But they might jeopardize the tax exempt status of his church!