2005_08_escort.jpgCould too much publicity be a (gasp) bad thing? Well, if you're an "escort" and bragging about making big bucks, then, yeah, maybe. Natalia McLennan, who was profiled in a New York magazine cover story, was charged with money laundering, prostitution and promoting prostitution last week. Her lawyer complained to the NY Post that McLennan was arrested because:

"[The police] pieced together basically quotes from all the articles about her and interviews that she's done. It's basically that they saw her on the Donny Deutsch show and the Paula Zahn show and they read the article in New York magazine.

"They have no person who has ever seen her perform an act of prostitution. It's insane. They've arrested her because of some newspaper articles and some sensationalism."

Interesting, but this is an important note for all would-be, wanna-be "number one escorts": It's a slippery slope because escort pretty much implies prostitute, and the NYPD just believes that for $2000 an hour, your john's getting more than handholding.