Despite police, Emergency Service Units, concerned locals and one very harried teacher from John Browne High School being hot on its trail, the escaped peacock that has been roaming the wild hills of Queens has still not been caught by authorities. And it seems the peacock is becoming the Road Runner to John Browne biology teacher Phil Dickler's Wile E. Coyote: “We were chasing it from roof to roof,” Dickler told the Times. “I’m just still sitting here on the roof, looking at this stupid bird laughing at me.”

“Apparently it’s been going back and forth between the school and neighborhood,” he said. “Last night was the first night it didn’t come home.” He added with furious fists raised to the heavens: “If not today, I’ll get him tomorrow.” Dickler and officials have come close to netting the bird twice this week, in a backyard on 70th Avenue in Flushing on Tuesday and on the rooftops of 147-15 and 147-19 70th Avenue on Wednesday.

“It’s laughing at us,” Dicker reiterated to the Post, explaining to them that the peacock lived in the agricultural program’s poultry barn before he went on the run on August 14th. “I just want to get our birdie back before it gets hit by a bus or something. You know how kids are. They’d cry if something happens to it. The kids love this bird.”

They could try tracking him online: the peacock is following in the footsteps of the Bronx Zoo Cobra and taken to Twitter—and he's summed up the whole situation in one Tweet: "Because I'm smarter than them! RT @HuffPostNY: Cops just can't catch this fugitive Queens peacock," he tweeted today.