When career criminal and escape artist Ronald Tackman was able to walk out of a Manhattan courthouse Wednesday simply because he was wearing a nice suit, there must have been some part of him that wondered, "That's it?" For when Tackman was eventually picked up Washington Heights, police discovered on him an arsenal that rivaled a Carrot Top starter kit: a fake passport, wigs, phony beards, and four gun-shaped cigarette lighters. Does he do accents as well?

After using the suit to pose as a lawyer and walk through the front doors into freedom, Tackman was caught when he was spotted riding a city bus. His mother, who gave a questionable story when Tackman went to pay her a visit after his great escape, told CBS 2, "It's best that he was caught...I thought he'd be out of town. I didn't think he'd stay in New York. This means he's going to be in jail for a long time, huh? Oh shucks." Tackman may now face up to life in prison for his laundry list of attempted escapes and other crimes committed over the years.