The escaped murderer David Sweat, who was shot and captured near the Canadian border yesterday, remains at Albany Medical Center. Doctors at the hospital determined that he does not need any surgeries and his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious—and he apparently told the authorities a little more about his and fellow escapee Richard Matt's plan.

According to Governor Cuomo, Sweat said that he and Matt separated five days ago. The NY State Police thought the men were together, after they were discovered missing from Clinton Correctional Facility on June 6tgh. Cuomo said, "Sweat actually disengaged from Matt about five days ago. Which answers why there was no DNA of Sweat in the last cabin that they were in or the previous cabin because Sweat felt that Matt was slowing him down as a matter of fact."

Matt, 49, was shot and killed on Friday, after he allegedly tried to carjack a camper van near Titus Lake. An autopsy found that Matt, who had been serving a 25 year-to-life sentence for killing and dismembering his former boss, was shot three times in the head and had insect bites, blisters and abrasions consistent with living in the woods. He may also have been drunk.

A prison worker, Joyce Mitchell, is in custody for allegedly helping the inmates with their scheme. She supervised them in the prison's tailor shop and was reportedly sexually involved with both. Mitchell allegedly smuggled tools to them through food (hamburger meat; baked goods) and was to be their getaway driver but was nowhere to be found when they emerged through a manhole outside of the prison. From the Buffalo News:

Cuomo said the two convicts hatched a plan to kill Mitchell’s husband and drive with her in her car to Mexico where, he said, they would live “happily ever after.” Matt had lived in Mexico while on the lam some years ago and killed a man there in a bar.

“The plan was to head to Mexico,” Cuomo said.

When Mitchell did not show up as the two men emerged from a manhole on a street outside the prison walls three weeks ago, the two escaped prisoners decided instead to head to Canada.

But Sweat, younger and in better shape, believed that Matt was slowing him down, so the two men separated five days before Matt was shot last Friday. Cuomo said Sweat was not near the cabin where a federal border patrol agent shot Matt in the head three times on Friday.

Sweat was spotted jogging along a road in Constable, NY, by a state trooper who thought he seemed suspicious. Sweat ignored the trooper's requests to stop and the trooper, who then recognized him, fired at him.

Sweat will remain at the hospital for a few more days. Albany Medical Center added, "The New York State Police, working in coordination with the Albany Police, the Department of Corrections and the Albany Medical Center security staff are taking all appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of our patients and their families, our employees, and the public."