Another day, another crazy twist in the story of two convicted murderers who escaped from an upstate prison last weekend, and the prison worker who has been accused of aiding them. According to the Daily News, prison tailor shop instructor Joyce Mitchell, 51, has now told investigators that convicts Richard Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 34, planned to kill her husband after leaving prison.

"They planned on killing her husband," the police source told the News. "Said the plan was to pick them up and go to her house. She didn’t say that she was going to help them" kill her husband. Mitchell reportedly has admitted that she was supposed to get their getaway driver—but she claims she only knew where to pick them up, not where they ultimately were heading. She did know however that it was going to be a wooded area about seven hours away, where a four-wheel drive would be needed.

"It's basically, to show up down at the power house at around midnight, and pick them up. As we all know now, she failed to show up," Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie told NBC News about the plan. "Pick them up, leave the area. The three of them were going to move on together. That was the plan."

Wylie adds that Mitchell doesn't appear to have been in on the plan from the beginning. "The information that she provided us is that she was learning little pieces of that [plan] leading up to last Friday night, early morning hours of Saturday," he said. Mitchell apparently got cold feet and checked herself into a local hospital for a "panic attack" the day of the escape. Wylie says this was at least in part because she didn’t want them hurting her husband.

After the escape, Mitchell told investigators Matt made her feel "special." NBC says it got to the point that "she thought it was love."

Gov. Cuomo weighed in on the latest developments, promising zero tolerance for state employes who aid criminals: "I understand prisons run on a delicate balance," Cuomo said. "And having a good relationship between the guards and the inmates, guards and the employees, employees and the inmates is important. But, there's a line. And when the line is stepped, then action has to be taken."

Mitchell was arraigned late Friday on the felony charge of promoting prison contraband and misdemeanor count of criminal facilitation. She was ordered held in jail on $100,000 cash bail or $200,000 bond on felony count. She helped inmates at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora learn who sew clothes and learn to repair sewing machines. Mitchell allegedly provided Matt and Sweat with hacksaw blades, chisels and screwdriver bits, which they then used to facilitate their dramatic breakout through the catwalks underneath the prison.

Sweat was imprisoned for life for killing a sheriff's deputy in Broome County, and Matt was serving a 25-year sentence for killing and dismembering an upstate businessman. During their escape, they managed to cut through their cell's steel walls, traverse the catwalks in the prison's infrastructure, hack into a steam pipe that wasn't in use, and finally climb out through a manhole on the other side of the prison walls.

More than 800 additional law enforcement agents have been called in to help with the search for the two men, with much of the focus on the immediate area around Dannemora. However, by all accounts, there are no real leads at the moment.