A 7-month old red fox, who dug her way out of her Staten Island Zoo enclosure on Monday, remains on the loose.

Authorities are fearful for the 10-pound creature—named Helena, after her home state of Montana—since unlike similarly sized city rats, she's not terribly savvy when it comes to navigating the streets.

Zoo staff have reported sightings of Helena in nearby communities, but have been unable to catch her thus far. From the zoo's Facebook page:

We have had some very positive sitings of "Helena," our fox, in the Randall Manor, New Brighton, and West Brighton areas. Our neighbors in that region have been exceptionally helpful. If you do have a "Havahart" trap available in those neighborhoods, we would be grateful if you would set yours and let us know of any additional sitings. "Helena's" family misses her dearly.

Officials urge anyone who sees Helena (pointy nose, tiny paws, like an angel in disguise) to avoid attempting to trap her, but to contact zoo authorities at 718-442-3101.