2007_02_arts_wburg.jpgThe New York Times is reporting that...Williamsburg has high rent. Shocking. Apparently this "Bedford Avenue" is getting pretty popular.

The article, called "Escape From New York", is a list of complaints we've all heard before about rent in a once slightly cheaper area now costing more, and hipsters with trusts funds sitting in coffee shops all day (though we'd be willing to bet some of them may just work nights). The writer, Abigail Frankfurt, lived in Williamsburg (having moved there from Chelsea) until she got priced out (about the time "the pseudo-hipsters" rolled into town). She states in her diatribe that "I am not moving to Queens, the Bronx or Staten Island," and that she wouldn't come back to New York until she could live in Manhattan again. We'd personally rather deal with the "pseudo hipsters" than someone who thinks like that.

So she sold off almost all of the contents of her apartment (keeping her Salinger and Franzen books), which, by the way, was "number 143 Metropolitan Avenue, at Berry Street" and moved to the Midwest. Non-ironically, we think.

Photo of N 7th and Havemeyer in 1910 (more here).