Neighbors and former co-workers have painted a picture of Jeffrey Johnson—the disgruntled ex-employee who killed his former boss near the Empire State Building Friday morning—as a lonely, mellow, "neat freak" loner. But it turns out the 58-year-old Johnson had at least one definite hobby: he was an avid bird watcher, who spent much time in Central Park tracking the red-tailed Hawks.

In an email to another bird watcher who works at The Associated Press, Johnson wrote about spending a winter night watching ducks in the park. "Near midnight by the Harlem Meer I watched a little 'flotilla' of Mallards swimming and softly honking ...fifteen degree temp and they were carrying on unfazed. Just remarkable," he wrote.

And it seems he spent a lot of time this summer tracking Pale Male—the photo above of him in Central Park, in his trademark tannish brown suit, was taken by Jean Shum. He also contributed to PaleMaleIrregulars—you can see several photos Johnson submitted while tracking Zena, one of Pale Male's mates, around the Upper East Side in a series of posts over the last week.

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