As the EPA fights for the rights to clean up the Gowanus Canal, they've just recommended another one of New York's most contaminated waterways get Superfund status. Acting Regional Administrator George Pavlou told the NY Post, “Newtown Creek is one of the most grossly-contaminated waterways in the country. By listing the Creek, EPA can focus on doing the extensive sampling needed to figure out the best way to address the contamination and see the work through.”

The move comes after much lobbying, testing (back to the 1980s), a published report in 2007 by the agency, and finally their evaluation. Locals, like those in Gowanus, have mixed feelings; many are concerned about the details of the designation. One asked, "Does it mean that Newtown Creek gets clean, how many years will it take, does it mean that the dredging for Newtown Creek takes place or does it slow down the sludge tank?"

The Bloomberg administration is firmly against Superfunding, again worrying about "the potential impact of a Superfund listing on the city."