Even though there's a stall in the Superfund debate, the EPA is moving forward with their work surrounding the Gowanus Canal. The Daily News now reports that they're pointing fingers at four more alleged polluters, all of whom could eventually have to help pay for the cleanup of the Canal. And they are (drumroll please): the U.S. Navy, Con Edison, chemical maker Chemtura, and... the city of New York!

The city is fighting against Superfund Status, and says their plan can clean up the area quicker, without garnering negative attention from the EPA stigma — which they believe could risk them losing money in future developments alongside the canal. They have acknowledged that they will have to foot some of the bill if the Superfunding moves forward.

Meanwhile, Superfund director Walter Mugdan told the paper, "We start working it right away. We don't wait. We're not going to allow [the debate] to delay the cleanup work that we believe needs to be done."