It's hard to be indignant when you're dressed as a magical rainbow unicorn, but all public outrage requires some suspension of self-awareness, and without incidents like this, what would we even have to talk about?

The Indignant Unicorn (a good name for your wry performance art troupe) is demanding that the Startled Clown delete the photo he took of her on the train, because she didn't give him her express permission to take it. This video would be better if a Sexy Yarmulke had stepped in to educate her about expectation of privacy in public places (none), but you got to dance with who brung you.

At :22, Indignant Unicorn snaps her hood/mane over her hot pink hair. "Delete it," she snarls, before redirecting her wrath to the Escaped Inmate next to her. From the back, an unafraid Minnie Mouse snaps a photo, too. Across the way, Indiana Jones or An Older Gentleman In A Hat is like "I'm getting the fuck out of here." Typical.

"I'm gonna fuckin' smack him in his face, that's what I'm going to do," the unicorn says, repeatedly. Happy Halloween, children.