Enraged NJ Woman Hacks Apart Dentist's Sexy Easter Lawn Display

A woman in Clifton, New Jersey flew into a rage over a local dentist's lawn display, reportedly taking garden sheers to the troupe of busty mannequins he'd dressed in negligees, bunny ears, and fishnets.

The provocative tableau stands outside Dr. Wayne Gangi's office on Grove Street, just five plastic ladies surrounded by giant Easter eggs, staring dead-eyed into the middle distance. Gangi reportedly goes all-in on decor for every holiday—according to, the dentist also deployed his mannequin platoon for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day—but some of his neighbors see this particular tribute as a little too sexy for Jesus's resurrection observance. And then, think of the children!

"I have a son and he's 16 years old, he is a good boy and he does not need to be seeing this every time I pick him up from school," Desiree Mozek told Pix 11's Andrew Ramos, who just so happened to be on the scene with a camera when Mozek made her last stand.

In the footage, Mozek can be seen casually clipping Easter baskets from a green-wigged mannequin's gloved wrist as she explains what drove her to destruction. Asked if she's "concerned" about getting a fine for trespassing onto another person's property and wreaking havoc, Mozek acknowledges that she's aware of the risks, but ultimately, "this is disgusting, so."

When Gangi returned to work and learned about the massacre, he told Pix 11 that he hadn't intended to commemorate Easter. No, he wanted to celebrate the birthday of late Playboy publisher, Hugh Hefner, who would have been 93 on Tuesday. According to, he thought his mannequins would be a "funny" hat tip—unclear what the XL eggs would signify in this scenario—but in hindsight, guessed he had been wrong.

"This one came back to bite me," Gangi reportedly said, standing in his garage and surveying the carnage, a mound of mangled headless bodies and rogue limbs. Gangi added that he'd also received a "crazy letter" calling him an "ignorant pig," and told Pix 11 that this incident wasn't his first problem with Mozek.

Still, the scene split opinion amongst Gangi's neighbors. Some have complained that the mannequins offer proof that "he has ZERO respect for women and the young girls of our town," while others maintain that Gangi can decorate his property however he sees fit.

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Gangi, meanwhile, may file a restraining order against Mozek—if that's even her real name. attempted to speak with her in person, and swung by her house, where a man named Tom Mozek answered the door. In an unexpected plot twist, "He said Desire is not his wife and her name is Desire Shepstone. She and her son live in the home with him, Mozek said, adding she was not available to speak to the press."

In any case, Gangi reportedly plans to rebuild his tableau as soon as possible. For my part, I really hope he uses the same mannequins, their disjointed limbs lashed back together for a horrifying Frankenbunny parade.

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