A Queens father who allegedly beat his wife and threatened to kill his kids was taken down by police after a heated confrontation early this morning. Police say the 42-year-old man yelled, "You're going to have to shoot me," and that he would not be taken alive, while also refusing to drop the two knives he was holding. Cops tried Tasing and macing him, but when he shrugged them off, they eventually had to shoot him in the stomach.

Police were responding to a domestic abuse call at an apartment building on 21st St. in Astoria—the father had allegedly hit his wife on the head, and threatened to kill his 9 and 12-year-old kids. "He said, 'Call the cops, tell them I raped you and I'm gonna kill the kids,'" a source told the News the man screamed at his wife, before leaving the apartment with two box-cutters. Cops say they hit him "several times" in the face with pepper spray, and with the Taser, but he managed to pull the Taser electrodes from his body and continued to walk away. The man, who hasn't been identified yet, was in stable condition at Elmhurt Hospital.