Not everyone handles road rage with as much poise as William Foster, and those lacking firearms must improvise. That's what 56-year-old Scotts Parsons allegedly did yesterday afternoon when he rammed his pickup into two cars on the George Washington Bridge before leaping into oncoming traffic and, eventually, biting a police officer.

The incident occurred on the New Jersey-bound side of the bridge around 3:30 p.m., when Parsons, apparently miffed about something, allegedly slammed his 1991 GMC pickup into the side of a 2012 Honda. The car smashed into the barrier, but Parsons wasn't done: He then careened into a 2012 Chrysler before leaping from his own vehicle and jumping onto the Chrysler's hood, kicking and punching it, the Daily News reports.

That's plenty of fun all on its own, but there's more. When Port Authority showed up on the upper westbound level where the crashes occurred, Parsons allegedly took off on foot, vaulting over a barrier and sprinting headlong into the upper lanes' eastbound traffic.

Cops finally caught up to Parsons and attempted to apprehend him, but police say he began kicking and screaming, finally going full Florida Man and biting an officer. The arresting officer and Parsons were both hospitalized, as were two children in one of the cars Parsons hit, according to NBC New York.

Parsons has been charged with assault by automobile, aggravated assault on a police officer, criminal mischief and resisting arrest with force.