Remember a month ago when all those nightclubs got busted again for various drug related charges? Sure you do. Well, today's News goes a long way towards explaining what the hell was going on there. The shutdowns came as part of a larger crackdown which busted "one of the largest stashes of crystal meth ever found in the five boroughs" in February. "There was enough of the drug for 81,600 hits - enough to get everyone in a soldout Giants Stadium high."

That bust was, according to the NYPD, on a large enough scale to send the price of meth on the streets soaring from "$100 a gram to $200 or more."

So how does all of this meth get into the city? Through the mail like everything else. a "28-year-old California gangbanger, Felix Rojas cooked up the high-quality crystal meth in Los Angeles and shipped it to New York dealers through unsuspecting FedEx and UPS delivery-men, police said." Those dealers would repackage the goods and then send them out to lower dealers, again through the mail.

But all things, good and bad, must eventually come to an end. One of Rojas' dealers "got busted last December when he answered the door of his W. 129th St. home for a UPS deliveryman, who [the dealer] allegedly believed was bringing a stash of drugs. The deliveryman turned out to be an undercover cop - and [he] and two alleged accomplices were arrested. "Oh, my God. Oh, my God," [he] said repeatedly, according to a law enforcement source."

Meth from Lixx's flickr stream.