Something unusual happened with the weather last month. For the first time since December we had a month that was warmer than normal. The four-month-long cold streak in Central Park was the longest since the middle of 2003. May's warmth was not enough to offset the cool weather of March and April, so spring 2014 came in at 1.3 degrees cooler than average. Spring was wet, too, with rainfall totaling nearly three inches more than normal.

Climatological summer got off to a slightly cool start yesterday, but today's high in the lower 80s under sunny skies will quickly wipe out that temperature deficit. What's not so pleasant today is the pollen count, which is in the medium-high category thanks to grasses and oak trees. Also not so pleasant today is the high risk of rip currents from Brooklyn to Suffolk county. Just in time for Rip Current Awareness Week.

The heat and humidity should build a bit tomorrow, putting the city on the eastern edge of potentially heavy showers and thunderstorms by late afternoon. Those showers will be forming ahead of a slow-moving cold front that isn't expected to pass through the area until late Thursday. Until the front passes we can't count out scattered showers and thunderstorms. Sunny weather, with highs near 80 degrees, is expected next weekend.