After a cool start this morning, westerly winds and lots of sun will warm the city up to near 50 degrees this afternoon. This will be the nicest weather we'll see for the next week, so take whatever actions you deem appropriate. Sometime tonight a dry cold front will sink southward from Canada, making for a somewhat cooler Saturday. Clouds should thicken through the day tomorrow as the front stalls and eventually starts heading this was as a warm front.

As the front reverses direction it will pick up moisture off the Atlantic and dump it on the land. Light rain should start late Saturday night and last through the day on Sunday. Points north of the city may see a combo plate of rain, freezing rain or snow. Monday's a bit of a muddle as the rain lingers into the morning and maybe into the evening. Temperatures may rise to near 50 once the warm front passes.

Next week's weather maker should be crashing into the West Coast on Sunday. That will wring a lot of the moisture out of the storm but the energy will continue eastward and is expected to produce a coastal storm on Tuesday. There's not yet a lot of confidence in the details of the forecast so for now let's just say look for more rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.