The Times follows up on the story of Matthew Kaye, the teacher who got fired when he faked sick days so he could pursue his second career as a wrestler, Striker. Kaye has apparently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment, and is now developing a persona "based on his background as a teacher":

"Right now I'm the good guy who lost his job because he had a passion to pursue wrestling," Mr. Kaye said. "Here's this kid living out his dream on the W.W.E."

Dude, forget the WWE - take this idea to NBC or the UPN - it's sitcom gold! Just make the main character continue to be a teacher, but sometimes he forgets to change out of his tights the next day for school. Add in a wacky principal, sexy teacher colleague and some smart-mouthed students, and you get a put for a pilot! But there is no way Kaye/Striker could go back to teaching because he would never command the respect of his students after wearing wrestling shorts, no matter how frightening buff he is.

And the photograph on the NY Times that accompanies this article proves that wrestling is pretty gay.