2006_09_albert.jpgCapturing the murderer in the death of former Giuliani aide Martin Barreto played out like an episode of Law & Order. On Wednesday afternoon, the police arrested a homeless man, Edwin Ramos, who has a history of drug-related offenses, for the murder. Barreto had been found in his home at 23 East 10th Street last week, naked and with his throat crushed, it seems that Barreto met Ramos outside the apartment building and invited him in. They entered the building through a side entrance, so the doorman hadn't noticed them. The Daily News reports that Barreto had offered Ramos $40 in cocaine for sex and then Ramos killed him "after objecting to a form of kinky sex." Ramos stole Barreto's cell phone, laptop, and clothes, selling the laptop and phone for drugs. However, he first used the phone to ask about backpay at a temporary employment agency. So, when detectives went to the agency to inquire about Ramos, the agency refused; on the police's second trip, armed with a subpoena, the agency said that Ramos was in the building. Of course Ramos ran from the cops, and a bystander in an SUV helped apprehend him, thinking that the plainclothes detective was a tourist chasing a robber...until the detective took out a gun.