We're all in favor of quirky, meet cute-stories, even if we don't particularly want to hear your meet-cute story. But there's a fine line between meet-cute and meet-semiconscious-in-the-back-of-an-ambulance. And there's also a marked difference between playfully pursuing and doggedly stalking, which one lovesick Queens EMT is quickly finding out.

Private-ambulance worker Ansar Ali, 50, responded to a 911 call during the Christmas-week blizzard from a female who was suffering from severe stomach pains. Ali transported the unidentified victim to Wyckoff Heights Hospital on Dec. 26. While in the back of the ambulance, Ali chatted her up, asking her whether she lived alone and what her work schedule was; he also slipped her a note asking if he could call her sometime, which she turned down.

But Ali was hell-bent on having his dreams of fondue-for-two fulfilled, and began calling her anyway; according to the Post, he left at least one threatening message, in which he vowed to turn her in to immigration authorities. When she wouldn't return his calls, Ali went one step further, showing up at her house in Astoria, and knocking on the woman's door for 90 minutes. Ali has been arrested and charged with coercion, aggravated stalking, harassment, and romantic comedy syndrome.