An Ohio resident recently learned the hard way that maybe one shouldn't always accept fully-paid trips to NYC to appear on The Maury Povich Show (check out the video below). April Davis, who was on probation for drug trafficking, left Ohio with her 58-year-old boyfriend to appear on the episode 'Girls Who Date Older Men,' and wound up behind bars.

The show, which is taped in NYC, paid for their flights and gave the couple $500 bucks for their appearance, during which they made out a lot on national television. But when they got home, Davis dumped her boyfriend. The angry ex-boyfriend then called Davis's probation officer, and informed them of the out-of-state trip; he even gave the officer copy of her airline ticket and a copy of the show. Because of her Maury moment, Davis was sentenced to 30 days in jail and an additional six months probation. So where did she make her gravest mistake: when she broke her probation by traveling to NYC, when she unceremoniously broke up with the boyfriend, or when she thought that appearing on The Maury Povich Show would lead to anything but sorrow and jail time?