The EMT who is accused of ignoring a dying pregnant woman

in an Au Bon Pain in December 2009 was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court yesterday. Melisa Jackson is charged with a single misdemeanor count of official misconduct for not treating victim Eutisha Rennix, who died after a chronic asthma attack. Prosecutors allege to know the real reason why Jackson called 911 instead of staying to help the woman: "The reason she couldn't stay is Ms. Jackson sneaked out of work where she was supposed to be manning a dispatch terminal," said ADA Kevin Richardson at the arraignment.

Prosecutors believe Jackson snuck out while on duty to meet her EMT boyfriend, Jason Green, who was on an authorized break (he was killed during an unrelated shootout in SoHo in July). She was scared of getting caught, so she fled, and was derelict of her obligation to provide medical attention. Jackson's lawyer argued that his client was the only person in the store who did anything to aid Rennix. He also argued that Rennix had refused to go to a hospital earlier, because she needed the hours at work. The family of Rennix refuted those claims: "To try to blame the victim for the failure of a trained emergency medical technician to do their duty is an outrage."