Sometimes, people just can't take a joke. Especially when that joke involves a violation of medical-privacy laws, or could make a teenager look like a criminal. Michael Palleschi, 36, is facing his second investigation over his twisted sense of humor, and could lose his job with the FDNY. He first got into trouble after posting details of a 911 call in which a woman complained of a swollen vagina on Facebook. The FDNY pushed to get him fired, but that didn't stop him from continuing with the goofs.

After being exiled to the Brooklyn EMS station in Canarsie, Palleschi decided to pull a prank on a teenage member of the EMS Explorers program. Palleschi allegedly gave the Explorer a piece of paper, telling him it was a bagel and coffee order he should give to the cashier at Dunkin' Donuts. It was actually a stickup note demanding cash. Palleschi said he ripped the stickup part off the note before handing it to the Explorer.

Union head Vincent Variale said neither investigation has produced any concrete evidence against Palleschi. He said, "Investigations are still ongoing, and until they are finished, it would be unfair to draw conclusions."