Jason Green, one of the EMTs accused of ignoring a dying pregnant woman last December, was fatally shot earlier this morning in Soho. The Daily News reports, "Jason Green, 32 - who was suspended by the FDNY for 30 days for abandoning Au Bon Pain worker Eutisha Rennix in December - was shot in the face outside of Greenhouse club in Soho about 5 a.m., police said. He was off duty at the time."

Apparently Green and a friend were trying to enter the club, but his friend was turned away for not being dressed appropriately. According to the Post, "Moments later, about a block away from the club, Green and his friend got into a dispute with an armed man who stepped out of a car at Vandam and Hudson streets and fired at least two shots, police said. Green was hit two times in the torso and later died at New York Downtown Hospital."

One resident told the Post she wasn't surprised about the incident stemming from Greenhouse, "I hate to say it, but we've been waiting for something like this to happen. I've had numerous complaints filed with 311 and they never got back to us. It starts usually at 11 or 12 at night and they don't leave until 1 in the afternoon the next day." Last year, Greenhouse was hit with a $1 billion class action lawsuit and a $1.5 billion lawsuit, both accusing the establishment of discriminating against black patrons.

Green had denied the allegations that he and EMT colleague Melissa Jackson did not help Euthisa Rennix, who was six months pregnant and dying of an asthma attack. They claimed that they never saw Rennix and even if they did, they didn't have the proper medical equipment to treat her. Green also told the NY Times, "You're telling me that at 9:13 in the morning somebody is going to drop dead in front of us, turn blue, and we're just going to sit there and say, 'We're drinking coffee and eating bagels, there's nothing we can do, we're trainees?'" and called the claims "all bogus lies and fabrication."