With so many empty condos in Williamsburg, it only makes sense that some enterprising folks have decided to commandeer them for their own personal party spaces. Earlier this month, an all-night rave went down in the courtyard area of 66 North 1st Street, and now it seems the rave is coming from inside the building. Yes, the youngsters have found their way indoors, and over the weekend held a party in what seems like every empty unit in the building.

Some neighbors emailed Miss Heather about the latest incident, with one saying, "it is 1:47 a.m. and there is another party in the same unrented condo building at 66 North 1st Street. This time people are inside all the unrented apartments, some have red lights on, and there are people on the roof (last time it was just the courtyard). I went over and the people were not at all friendly and one of them said 'this is DUMBO,' so they are also geographically challenged. I told them I had called the police and this made them a little nervous but they have not turned the music down. I have no idea who is throwing the party, but I think it’s a security guard on the take. The crowd is younger and more mixed this time, including a lot of Hispanic teenagers, a very different crowd than last time."

Presumably the police were called the first time this happened, and this time around as well, but they didn't do much... so maybe they're in on it!