2007_03_lipstickkiss.jpgSure, sometimes you put up with your boss's quirks because he/she is, well, your boss. But when a boss pulls down a woman's blouse, that's a big problem. Three female employees at a city welfare office in the Bronx are suing their supervisor, Serena Reaves-Cain, for sexual harassment.

According to the lawsuit, Reaves-Cain allegedly "held their hands, caressed the back of their hands, rubbed their shoulders and backs in a sexually suggestive manner" and "hugged the plaintiffs and pushed her breasts up against their breasts and used the palm of her hand to spank them on the buttocks." Ugh. Reaves-Cain also left lipstick on one employee's cheek, which earned her the nickname "The Lipstick Bandit."

When Reaves-Cain suggested a calendar of "scantily clad women" to raise money, she allegedly pulled down the blouse of Clara Luz Badia and said, "All Badia would have to do is show some t---ies." And Anitra Kincy claims she was smacked on the butt and was told, "God don't like ugly, but he's not too fond of pretty, either." The Daily News reports that the women complained to other supervisors, but no action was taken until they filed a formal complaint last year.

The city's lawyers say they received the lawsuit and will review it thoroughly.