2006_01_whotel.jpgA security guard at the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue found a housekeeper, unconscious after being raped on Monday morning. The 25 year old victim told the police that she was attacked from behind, her head getting "bashed" near the sixth floor ice machine (according to the Daily News, the guard had been delivering bills when he saw the victim at 4:30AM). Female hotel guests weighed in: One told the Post, "The hotel never said anything," while another told the Daily News, "Oh, my God. You pay money to stay at a high-end hotel, you expect to be safe." What is hotel security like at the W? In Gothamist's experience at some NYC hotels, there's no oversight at all, while others require keycards for people to use the elevator - and the Sixth Avenue Hilton in midtown has required the name of a hotel guest before entering.

The police do not have any leads. And in December, a hotel employee was arrested for fondling a female hotel guest in an elevator and forcing his way into her room.