Employee Cries Bed Bugs At Gramercy Park Hotel

What is the deal with these bed bug rumors? Early this morning, a person claiming to be an employee at Lexington Avenue's posh Gramercy Park Hotel sent us an anonymous email accusing the hotel of dealing with bed bugs poorly, to put it nicely. The employee writes:

I am an employee at The Gramercy Park Hotel, which claims to be "an entirely new genre of hotel." Saturday bedbugs were found in the offices that house the front desk management and operators. Unfortunately, like most hotels, this wasn't our first spotting of bedbugs. We have found them in employee lockers, storage rooms, and guest rooms. Also unfortunately, management doesn't see it as a significant enough problem to do what it takes to solve the epidemic; they are simply okay with momentarily containing it. Employee lockers that had bedbugs in them were not treated correctly to destroy the nests and only the locker that filed the complaint was treated. The whole place should have been emptied. Guest rooms where bed bugs have been found were fumigated just enough to give the appearance of a solution. The hotel thrives on its wood and rich fabrics in its interiors. None of these items, including the mattresses, were discarded in the fumigation process. Now, the bugs have moved into the front offices. There is so much stuff in these offices and none of it is being thrown out. They are just moving it from room to room, probably transporting the visitors with it. They plan to spray one little cubby where the bedbug was actually seen today, but the whole place needs to be properly fumigated.

We called the hotel and a manager (who also wished to remain anonymous) told us there is "no truth" to the rumor. She said, "Of course, people that are paranoid and have inquired about it, but in any instance that that's happened it's been investigated by professionals and it's never been a bed bug." Crisis averted!

In the mean time, we've asked the employee to take photos of the alleged intruders. And earlier this month, the Waldorf-Astoria was hit with a third bedbug lawsuit.

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