Governor Andrew Cuomo's biggest passion—after his family and running New York State, ofco—seems to be cars. While this may be troublesome for, say, mass transit advocates, it's awesome for classic car events. Yesterday, Cuomo headed to the Cruise to the Show, the parade and car show in Nassau County, and suggested that he's going to promote the car show business in New York: "Our state does not do as much as it could do [to help car shows]. There are car shows that attract thousands of people in this country, and people come and they stay for days."

The show was devised by Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, who has responded to criticism about the $75,000 in police overtime needed, by, Newsday reports, saying "that labor costs for the parade and the East Meadow car show are funded entirely by taxes collected from local hotels' customers. Sponsorship fees, he added, would likely put the county out on top. He envisions growing the show into an attraction for the entire Northeast." Mangano also gave Cuomo a trophy for having the best gubernatorial Corvette (a 1975 model that he apologized for being dirty and not a show car).

Among the many cars Cuomo admired, one was a 1969 Corvette restored by a Long Island man, who told the Times, "It’d be cooler if he’d lower my taxes, but, yeah, it’s pretty cool."