The Long Island convenience store owner who took pity on a bat-wielding robber and gave him $40 and a loaf of bread is facing trouble with the law—for selling drug paraphernalia. Mohammed Sohail, as well as other business owners, "face civil penalties for allegedly selling illegal pipes, bongs and hookahs," according to Newsday. Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko and Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota claim that "Undercover investigators bought items from Sohail, and the other store owners, after making clear that they would use them for drug use." Legislator Kate Browning said that while Sohail's generosity to the would-be robber was nice, "But I know who he is, I know what he was doing. No sympathy for him." And Sohail simply told Newsday, "I threw everything in the garbage. I don't want it anymore." Photo of Spota holding a bong from 1010WINS