Of Course: Park Slope Gets Solar Powered, Texting Trash Cans

First catpacks, and now solar garbage cans... what can't Park Slope deliver? According to FIPS, some "Big Belly solar powered garbage cans are going to be installed in various spots along Fifth Avenue. They are apparently each outfitted with a solar powered trash compactor, which reduces the need to empty them as much."

Big Belly trash cans have been around for a while, but it seems like they're popping up in more places. THis video shows how the Big Belly can can fit 5 cans into 1 can, and when it's finally full it sends a text message to the powers that be to come and empty it. The company makes it seem like Oscar the Grouch endorses these things in the video below, but they would create a very inhospitable environment for Oscar to live in, don't ya think?

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