The New Yorker cartoon of the day features what appears to be a leftist protester-type wearing a I Heart NY Except For You Foreigners With Too Much Dough t-shirt (...we don't think it's that funny either). They then decided to tempt fate and tweeted, "What is the one thing about NYC you could live without? #ilovenyexcept." What they don't realize is that they've set in motion the kind of community-splitting argument that may eventually lead to alternate side parking being suspended indefinitely. But in the meantime, what are your exceptions?

So far, the exceptions have been rather predictable on Twitter: giant rats, pigeons, street garbage, slow walkers and traffic. One person was rather upset there weren't more "laotion restaurants"—we assumed she means Laotian restaurants, not some strange lotion-dispensing eatery.

Amazingly, no one has complained about bedbugs, hipsters, bicyclists, bike lanes, unicyclists, Canal Street, the ubiquity of Starbucks', panhandler sermons, three-term mayors, socialites, Donald Trump, Al Sharpton, the bridge-and-tunnel crowd, native NYers, pepper-spraying cops, $10 grilled cheeses, $15 cocktails, or house party bartenders...yet.