Could the rebuilding of the World Trade Center be any more...weird? NY1 reports that Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg might try to wrest control of the WTC site from developer Larry Silverstein by claiming eminent domain. (Eminent domain, according to Wikipedia, "is the power of the state to appropriate private property for its own use without the owner's consent.") What's interesting is that Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg's greater political goals (national office and a second term as mayor, respectively) might be making Silverstein look like an attractive and necessary thing to step on in order to get things rolling. The Mayor, however, emphasized that Freedom Tower, the centerpiece of the development plan, must be built in as safe a manner as possible. Funny, you don't hear the Mayor trying to take time with the West Side Stadium. There's also the thought that the 10 million square feet of projected office space is too much and the Governor and Mayor should get Silverstein to lower that amount.

In the meantime, officials involving with the rebuilding claim that the resignation of Lower Manhattan Development Corporation President Kevin Rampe won't slow things down. Gothamist believes that if "won't slow things down" means "it'll just take five years longer."

And one more WTC-related tidbit: A study shows that NYC public school children suffer from post-September 11 mental disorders, such as agoraphobia, separation anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg and Larry Silverstein from the 7 WTC topping out ceremony