Considering the fact that the NYC subway system has been besieged by bedbugs all month, it's a tiny, blood-sucking miracle that the infestation hasn't spread more widely into schools and offices, like what happened during the Bedbug Wars of 2009-2011. Oh wait! It has: hundreds of people have been moved from a Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) building. Which means bedbugs have hit Wall Street.

According to Fox Business, the midtown Manhattan offices of PIMCO were quietly vacated this week because of an infestation; workers have been relocated to an upstate location. They write:

One stock trader at Goldman Sachs (GS) who deals regularly with the bond behemoth says while it’s “business as usual” when dealing with the company, employees are also “freaked out” that they may be harboring the blood-sucking insects on clothes and in bags … and could have brought the parasites back to their homes. The trader who requested anonymity said PIMCO has discovered evidence of infestation in its building and is working to eradicate the problem.

A PIMCO spokesman told Daily Intel it's not big deal, seriously, why are you walking away from me so quickly, I'm not infected, I swear it, don't you run away from me you pleb:

"Our New York office is addressing an isolated issue with insects, and as a precautionary measure the firm is fumigating certain areas of the office space. During this period our employees are working remotely and we expect to resume full on-premises staffing over the coming days. This is an issue that is far from uncommon in New York City."

True, it is far from uncommon amongst the commoners. But if we've learned anything from horror and sci-fi movies, all great and terrible plagues emerge from humble beginnings.