This isn't the first time there's been a bedbug scare at the Park Slope Pavilion, and considering the resilience of your average bedbug, it probably won't be the last. Earlier today Brownstoner noticed this post The Bedbug Registry:

A few days ago I was leaving the Theatre with my girlfriend at around 11:55 pm when I saw a bunch of men with large crates and hoses in the lobby, I asked what was going on and he said that Bed Bugs had been found in all of the older theatres with the Purple seats. Then I was at the Windsor Cafe Yesterday when I overheard some people saying that even more Bed Begs were found on the first floor of the building.

The last time there were a bedbugs reported at the Pavilion, general manager Lauren Goffio told us, "That is inaccurate information, we do not have a bed bug problem," adding that she has asked the theater's exterminator to "double check." We've seen this movie before: Today Goffio tells City Room, "We don’t have bedbugs at the theater. That’s false information." Goffio did confirm that the theater sprayed its seats "every few months" for bedbugs, and that the last treatment was recent. "We’re going to keep up with this to make sure we don’t get them," she added.

But bedbug expert Dr. Michael T. Potter thinks preventive treatment is pointless: "The unfortunate reality is that we have less than ideal insecticides available today to prevent bedbug infestations, since most of the products have very poor dry residual activity (if a bedbug were to crawl out of someone’s purse in a theater or whatnot, if they crawled onto a treated seat, they probably would not succumb.)" Brownstoner's resident bedbug commenter "Rob" has this advice for those who aren't about to let a little bed bug infestation keep them from their local multiplex:

People bring bedbugs into their home because a bedbug has crawled into the folds of their clothes... will eventually bite them, but bedbugs are very slow and plan their meals with the utmost of care. so you might not even get bitten on your way from the theatre to your apartment, but when you put your clothes in your laundry basket, guess where that bedbug is? now the little critter is like damnit and has to make another long slow journey to feast on your blood.. it may take a few months but that's okay because they can live up to a year without eating. but they will eventually migrate to where you are, they will find you and they will bite you, and they will breed like Candy the stripper in a trailer park.

You can avoid all of that if you shake out your clothes after youve been to a known infested area.