It's been a rough week for newsman Dominic Carter. First, the embattled NY1 political commentator was accused of "punching, choking and kicking" his wife, then he was put on leave from his longtime TV gig before being castigated by a judge for namedropping. To top it off, he was thrown off of an airplane yesterday after allegedly bumping into a flight attendant before take-off at LaGuardia Airport.

The embattled anchor bent over to tie his shoe and jostled the steward during the boarding of Delta Air Lines Flight 6707 to Kansas City — where Carter was headed to "just to chill, to relax and get away from it all," according to his aunt. The Daily News reports the steward — who purportedly recognized Carter from last week's ceaseless news cycle — didn't take kindly to the contact, and called the cops, "This man deliberately slammed into me, I want him off the plane!"

When cops arrived, the journalist and his wife Marilyn Carter — who, after initially accusing Carter of abuse, testified on Thursday that her husband was innocent and the assailant was actually a day laborer — exited the plane and took a later flight. "The airline apologized to me…[and] made good with some items for my wife and I," Carter said.

In fact, the debacle earned Carter and his wife an upgrade to first class.