What we would give to see Bernard Kerik's email inbox. The local media has been reporting that emails from his tenure as head of corrections show that he gave some advance information about city construction jobs to firms - firms with mob ties. Don't people know that if they are doing anything illegal, it must take place on with hushed whispers, blinking, and a book of matches to burn the evidence? It's like on Desperate Housewives, when Paul Young buries Mrs. Huber in one piece in a shallow grave. Do these people not watch any TV? It just shows that people want to be caught.

The Post reports Ed Koch as calling Kerik a "disgrace": He had two mistresses both at the same time — that takes a lot of strength — and a wife, and that's his own business, but when he uses an apartment given to the Police Department for cops to rest after 9/11 duty, then it becomes a public matter." He also called Rudy Giuliani's decision to appoint Kerik the police commissioner without a background investigation "not only sloppy but crazy." God, Ed, we kinda miss you. Mayor Bloomberg, on the other hand, says that though Kerik made mistakes with his personal life, there are no plans to remove Kerik's name from a correctional facility named in his honor.