Last night, as most people were getting ready for Santa Claus's arrival, former governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda Wall Spitzer released a statement, "We regret that our marital relationship has come to an end and we have agreed not to make any other public statement on this subject." Just in case you were wondering, "marital relationship" is what you call a marriage after the husband gets caught patronizing an international prostitution ring by the FBI and has to resign as governor.

The news comes two days after the city's tabloids revealed that Spitzer, 54, has been seeing his 31-year-old former spokeswoman (during his failed comptroller campaign), Lis Smith. The Post even had staff staked outside Smith's Soho apartment, finding Spitzer visiting while wearing casual sweats:

The Daily News reports, "Spitzer acknowledged the end of his marriage hours after the The News informed his camp that the newspaper was preparing a story about how friends and former colleagues of the ex-governor said his romantic relationship with Smith would be less an issue if he would just file papers to divorce his long-suffering wife." The Post suggests that the hang-up might be their joint financial assets:

Details of the Spitzers’ impending divorce were unclear, but a source close to Silda, 55, said the couple — who reported a combined $4.2 million in adjusted gross income last year — had been trying to negotiate a settlement that wouldn’t force the sale of any of the prime Manhattan real estate owned by Eliot’s ailing dad, Bernard.

Eliot currently manages those holdings, which include the swanky apartment building at 200 Central Park South and a sizable stake in the landmark Crown Building at 730 Fifth Ave.

The portfolio, which also includes property in Washington, DC, is worth an estimated $1 billion.

Oh, the Post wants you to know that they reported Silda Wall Spitzer was looking to divorce the ex-governor way back in July.

A former colleague of both Spitzer and Smith told the News, "They're both consenting adults and can do what they want. The only real rub is that he's still married. He should make it clear that they are separated and just file for divorce already." A female press rep who knows Spitzer said, "He hasn't humiliated [his wife] enough, so now he's screwing the press secretary."

When Spitzer announced his surprise bid to be NYC's comptroller in July, he mentioned his family supported his decision to run but "refused to discuss reports that he is living apart from his wife." While she didn't appear on the campaign trail, Silda Wall Spitzer did collect signatures for his campaign.

Anyway, does the slut-shaming of Lis Smith continue now?