Just three weeks after announcing their marriage "has come to an end," former Governor Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda Wall Spitzer have officially filed for divorce. Of course, their divorce filing attempts to be discreet—it's "Anonymous v. Anonymous."

The Daily News reports: "While the 'Anonymous vs Anonymous' petition was marked as “contested” on the court docket — the opening salvo in a potentially explosive court fight — Spitzer and Wall issued a joint statement Wednesday night saying, 'All issues between us have been resolved and are uncontested.' ... While Wall is a successful businesswoman who heads an equity firm, Spitzer’s estimated personal net worth is $50 million, and analysts have pegged his family's real estate empire as worth $1 billion."

The Spitzers, who have three daughters, announced their separation shortly after Eliot Spitzer was seen with his former spokeswoman (during his comptroller campaign) Lis Smith. Spitzer and Smith were seen spending Christmas at her parents' Bronxville home and were later spotted in Jamaica on vacation (where the Post says Spitzer sucked her toes in a hot tub in front of a child, which the Daily New refuted or something).

The Post reports that Spitzer had a "I'm about to file for divorce" party at Brother Jimmy's:

Spitzer was in a jovial mood on Monday and was keen to celebrate his upcoming newfound freedom. Witnesses said the former Love Gov and his pals arrived at Brother Jimmy’s just after 11 p.m., and one spy said, “The whole group seemed pretty excited and giddy. When the server came, the ordering was chaotic; they were shouting out ‘sliders,’ ‘wings,’ and each time an order was submitted they were cheering and high-fiving each other. They seemed already drunk and ordered vodka, a margarita, and a beer tower, which is four pitchers in one container.”

Our source continued: “It took a few minutes to bring the beer out, and Spitzer got impatient and ordered two Jack Daniel’s and Cokes, signaled that one of them was for him, and another for a male friend, but then Spitzer downed them both.

Spitzer reportedly tipped 25%.